Aftershock Festival at Discovery Park

aftershock festival at discovery parkAftershock fans, brace yourselves because the festival just announced a 2024 run following the success of their 2023 shows! If you’ve attended one of their previous festivals, you know how awesome and wild this can get. It’s sure to be jampacked with some of the biggest rock artists and the festival will surely not disappoint! The Aftershock Festival 2024 will happen at Discovery Park in Sacramento, California. The events will go down on the 10th to the 13th of October. Four straight days of rock and heavy metal, it’s going to be a blast! At the moment, a full lineup is yet to be announced. However, it has already been confirmed that the legends Iron Maiden are headlining for the show on the 12th! Stay tuned for updates about the upcoming festival. 

If you want to ensure your spots at the show, you better hurry up and grab your passes while it’s early! This festival is the biggest rock event in the nation and everyone’s always fighting to get their spots! Be quick before it’s too late!

Aftershock Festival Tickets:

Heavy metal legends Iron Maiden will be the Saturday, Oct. 12 headliner for the 2024!

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As the 2023 Aftershock Festival comes to a close, the organizers are excited to announce new dates for next year’s run. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the festival in 2023, this is finally your chance. Stay tuned for more updates on the festival including lineups and sets. 

As always, the festival is returning to Discovery Park in Sacramento, California. A stunning venue that boasts 302-acres of land. The location is where the American River meets the Sacramento River. It’s also one of Sacramento County’s best boat launches. Address: 1000 GARDEN HWY, SACRAMENTO, CA 95833

“Alright, Aftershock, while you brace yourselves for a weekend you’ll never forget, we couldn’t keep it under wraps any longer — we’re cranking Aftershock to the max from October 10-13, 2024 with more bands, more chaos, and a helluva lot more noise! Consider this weekend a warm up,” Aftershock announced on its Instagram account. 

The organizers are starting the hype as early as now. They promise an event that’s bigger and better than before. This means more bands, more chaos, and way way more noise! It’s going to be a massive rock festival that fans cannot miss. 

“Great music, fun atmosphere, plenty of shade, good food, good job keeping up restrooms. Plan to return as long as it’s rockin.”

“With 36 bands, there is something for everyone who loves Heavy Metal and Hard Rock.”

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2024 Headliner: Iron Maiden

The first headliner has already been announced: Iron Maiden. Wooh! Hardcore fans of the English heavy metal band definitely need to attend this fest. They’re headlining on the 12th of October. 

“Aftershock, we’re dropping a 2024 bombshell that’s about to rock your world. You asked for epic, but we’re delivering legendary.” Aftershock announced on its Instagram. “Prepare for a metal invasion like no other, as we announce a headliner for Aftershock 2024–the legendary, the relentless, the face-melting… Iron Maiden! You know this is just the first of more to come. So get ready to go harder than ever before because your Aftershock 2024 is shaping up to be one helluva rock and metal masterpiece. The only question is… will we see you in the pit?”

Another band already confirmed to perform at the 2024 Aftershock Festival is Pantera. They were originally included in the 2023 lineup but later dropped out due to “unforeseen circumstances.” They were then replaced by Stone Temple Pilots.

Pantera is a heavy metal band active since the 1980s. Pantera’s journey is a wild ride. They kick-started as this glam metal sensation, cranking out three albums in the mid-1980s with Terry Glaze on vocals (Metal Magic, Projects in the Jungle, and I Am the Night). Feeling the need for a heavier vibe, they brought in Anselmo in ’86 and dropped Power Metal in ’88. Boom! That’s when stuff got real. 

Their fifth album, Cowboys from Hell in 1990, marked a shift, making groove metal the new cool. And guess what? Vulgar Display of Power in ’92 cranked up the volume even more, skyrocketing their fame. Then, in ’94, Far Beyond Driven dropped like a bomb, snagging the number one spot on the Billboard 200. 

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Aftershock Festival History

For the 2023 festival, Aftershock brought in some of the biggest headliners. The bands were Avenged Sevenfold, Tool, Korn, and Guns N’ Roses. There were a lot more heavy metal bands who were brought to the stage and all the fans had a massively good time. The annual heavy metal festival has been around since 2012 and has just gotten bigger and better each year. 

Initially, the Aftershock Festival was only held for two days. It expanded to three days in 2019 and into 4 days in 2021 (their post-COVID return). In 2022, they broke their personal record with over 160,000 fans having attended the huge fest in Sacramento. The festival saw fans flying from all parts of the world just to attend the ride!

“When you’ve got people from out of town, that means they’re going out to breakfast, they’re patronizing the local businesses, and it ends at 9 or 10 o’clock and no one’s going back to their hotel rooms and going to bed – so that economic push spreads out of the festival grounds,” Visit Sacramento CEO Mike Testa said. He talked about how 2023’s Saturday event had the biggest attendance on record. 65% of the crowd came from outside of Sacramento and fans from over 35 countries flew in. 

When the Aftershock Festival returns in 2024, you have no excuse not to come. No matter what country you’re in. You have one whole year to plan out your trip to Sacramento, so do it now! First, start with getting your tickets to the show right here!